TRANSCRIPTPROM - Integrative and comparative analyses of response of Pichia pastoris

Prof. Pinar Calik, from the Ankara University (Turkey) is one of the first IBISBA users, who was granted access to IBISBA facilities for her project on P. pastoris called TRANSCRIPTPROM. We were pleased to have prof. Pinar Calik, Head of the Chemical Engineering Department of the Ankara University (Turkey), at the mid-term EC review sharing her experience as one of the first IBISBA users.

Thanks to IBISBA prompt response after the submission of the application, and the network of IBISBA facilities, Prof. Calik was able to rapidly and successfully conduct a series of experiments for integrative and comparative analyses of response of Pichia pastoris reaction network to expression systems designed with engineered promoters. Her project, called TRANSCRIPTPROM, required multi-site access in France.

Programme: TransNational Access


Public web page: Not specified

Organisms: Komagataella (aka pichia) pastoris

IBISBA PALs: No PALs for this Project

Project created: 28th Feb 2020

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