Extreme - Genomic approach for extremozymes screening of thermophilic/anaerobic Caldicoprobacter algerensis strain

In this project we have, as general objective, the screening of few extremozymes from the thermophilic/anaerobic Caldicoprobacter algerensis strain [1] using genomic approach. The major specific goal of this project is the determination of the whole genome sequence of this strain followed by sequence assembly and annotation. We will then exploit the obtained sequence to identify potential ORFs encoding extremozymes with industrial interest. A particular interest will be done for CAZymes (Xylanase, beta-glucanase, Mannanase etc) useful for lignocellulose degradation and for animal feed, and for isomerases useful for the natural sweet sugar (Tagtaose, Fructose, Palatinose) production.

Programme: TransNational Access

SEEK ID: https://ibisbahub.eu/projects/36

Public web page: Not specified

Organisms: Caldicoprobacter algeriensis

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Project created: 20th Oct 2020

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