D9.2 KPIs for EU-IBISBA (Key Performance Indicators)
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Following the ESFRI recommendations for monitoring Research Infrastructures (Projects and Landmarks), this document relates to the final set of KPIs for IBISBA. It describes the work perfomed and the main findings, pariculalry:

  • the methodology applied to define KPIs and the mains sources of documentation and benchmark
  • the steps to define IBISBA's vision and mission,
  • the identification of IBISBA's strategic goals and operational objectives
  • the final set of 29 quantitaives and 41 qualitative KPIs to measure progress toward the achievements of the strategic goals
  • the KPI implementation raodmap
  • the KPI governance and library
  • the mains findings and the prelaunch of the collecting campaign

The KPIs reference sheets and governance chart remain confidential.

SEEK ID: https://ibisbahub.eu/documents/72?version=1

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DOI: 10.34701/ibisba.1.document.72.1

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Michael O'Donohue, Jack Legrand, Marco Moracci, Marie Ancelin

Debeche, S. (2023). KPIs for EU-IBISBA (Key Performance Indicators). IBISBAHub. https://doi.org/10.34701/IBISBA.1.DOCUMENT.72.1

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