Industrial pencilin simulator

Industrial-scale penicillin simulation (IndPenSim) is a first principles mathematical model of a Penicillium chrysogenum fermentation. The simulation was developed in Matlab and is freely available to download. The development of the simulation is discussed in the paper titled "The development of an industrial-scale fed-batch fermentation simulation" currently available to download: here (Journal of Biotechnology). The paper has recently been extended which include the addition of a simulated Raman spectroscopy device for the purpose of developing, evaluating and implementation of advanced and innovative control solutions applicable to biotechnology facilities. The capabilities of IndPenSim are demonstrated through the implementation of a QbD methodology utilising the three stages of the PAT framework. Additionally, IndPenSimevaluated a fault detection algorithm to detect process faults occurring on different batches recorded throughout a yearly campaign. Details of this work can be found in the paper titled: 'Modern day monitoring and control challenges outlined on an industrial-scale benchmark fermentation process'

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Organisms: Penicillium chrysogenum

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