In-silico prediction and mass spectrometric validation of the Aspergillus niger secretome

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DOI: 10.34701/ibisba.1.investigation.8.1

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In-Silico Prediction

A majority rule based classifier that evaluates signal peptide (SP) predictions from the best homologs of three neighbouring Aspergillus species was developed to create an improved list of potential signal peptide containing proteins encoded by the Aspergillus niger genome.

Obtain proteomes

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Signal Peptide Predictions

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Aspergillus niger centered protein clusters with a positive SignalP3 prediction

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  • SignalPeptidePrediction.XLS

Aspergillus niger CBS513.88 protein model verification of four selected proteins

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  • ProteinModelReannotation.DOC

Orthology identification

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GPI Anchor Predictions

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Metabolic model analysis

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Obtain metabolic model

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Identify enzymes from spectra

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Andrabi, M. (2023). In-silico prediction and mass spectrometric validation of the Aspergillus niger secretome. IBISBAHub.
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